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Welcome to TrafficWear !

About TrafficWear Accessories

Empower and support youth to embrace important life lessons.

TrafficWear fashions common street signs with specific empowerment slogans into a variety of jewelry and accessories. Kids are able to wear and communicate their street sign and its motivational meaning, as a personal statement, in a simple and non-threatening way…

How Does TrafficWear Help Our Youth?

Youth today are faced with stressful situations and choices everyday. They need ways to express and support strong choices to their peers and adults. The TrafficWear line uses universally common visual symbols which promotes the valuable themes of leadership, character and prevention.

TrafficWear street signs are constant visual reminders for kids to stay focused on the key message and lesson. Throughout their lives, these signs will “speak” to them and become a regular reminder of the message they learned from your program.

Supports and complements your lessons and programs:

Provide products that support character building and empowerment actions

Give kids a reward, an incentive or visible reinforcement. Help youth to remember the lessons and tools of your programs. Identify a specific traffic sign to your brand/

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